março 06, 2008

laughing in a foreign language

( great title concept, but maybe better illustrated by Rodchenko na dta )

Laughing in a Foreign Language "explores the role of laughter and humour in contemporary art. In a time of increasing globalisation, this international exhibition questions if humour can only be appreciated by people with similar cultural, political or historical backgrounds and memories, or whether laughter can act as a catalyst for understanding the unfamiliar. Laughing in a Foreign Language investigates the whole spectrum of humour, from jokes, gags and slapstick to irony and satire. The exhibition brings together more than 70 videos, photographs and interactive installation works by 30 artists from all around the world."
Alexander Rodchenko: Revolution in Photography.
Ambas na Hayward - Southbank, Londres.

2 comentários :

intruso disse...

belíssima proposta

(o que é a pronúncia/sotaque de um riso?)



Helena disse...

Que bom que já estás a rir!