Abril 10, 2014

one (or more) special app

Uma aplicação extraordinária, justamente premiada em Bolonha no "Apple for Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award" na categoria non-fiction:

Pierre et le Loup
"A wonderful new adaptation of the masterpiece of classical music for children: Peter and the Wolf by Sergueï Prokofiev. A 30-minutes film combined with exclusive footages and 9 playful and poetic musical activities. With the complicity of musicians from the National Orchestra of France, conducted by maestro Daniele Gatti, give life to the characters, become the composer, mix the instruments, travel in the orchestra at 360 degrees..."

Outras pela mesma equipa, anteriores, com conceitos semelhantes: 

"Le Carnaval des Animaux is a magical book which takes children into the heart of Camille Saint-Saens’s musical masterpiece.

 Page after page, you will discover Saint-Saens’s musical universe with various games and activities, and more than 100 minutes of film extracts starring  the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France, directed by the maestro Myung-Whun Chung."

"Les saisons d'Antoine" introduces your child to the masterpiece of Antonio Vivaldi through a lively and musical book. Find in this app the 4 Seasons of Antoine Pierre Richard and the musicians from the Concerto Italiano directed by Alessandro Alessandrini and all the characters of the animated film broadcasted on France 3. 
One app full of humor and poetry that mixes in a wonderful way scenes of the film and fun activities for the whole family."

Abril 02, 2014

there is no such thing as children's literature *

"I don´t write for children. I write - and somebody says: that's for children. Maurice Sendak

*Jack Zipes in Sticks and stones: the troublesome success of children's literature.

Março 15, 2014

by roger mcgough

Fevereiro 10, 2014

the voice

 Edvard Munch

Janeiro 23, 2014



A injustiça de se ser mãe
está na caridade absurda
fazer nascer o filho que é o nosso

imediatamente dá-lo,
  à luz
ao mundo


A verdadeira dor no parto
é sentir partir
é já um pouco

rita taborda duarte in «A Estranha Casa de Um Outro», Asa, 2005
imgs. nikki mcclure