março 08, 2011

inner women

full bloom
sugar me softly
Susan Jamison 
( via ana ventura )
" In my compositions, figures appear either as cropped and isolated parts of the body or as formal Renaissance inspired portraits. Medical illustrations of the head are appropriated and modified into archetypal images of women in a dream state. Her body is decorated with a flowery hot pink, extremely feminine pattern. Animals are drawn to her like an enchanted Snow White. Sewing implements, thread and lace honor traditional female arts. Fairy tales, scientific, botanical and avian illustration, Persian miniatures and fashion design are influences. I paint in a precise, detailed style that eschews shadow in favor of a flat, illustrative light. Solid backgrounds create an undefined or infinite sense of space."

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catarina santos disse...

Olá Dora:
As luzes led, consegues encontrar com facilidade em qualquer boa loja de iluminação, mas curiosamente já as vi à venda em lojas chinesas! Por isso não vais ter dificuldade.