julho 05, 2015

my other alice

"Look, can I ask you a question? Sure. What? Are you happily married? Or is that tactless? No. Yes. Yes, I... Gosh, I've been married almost 16 years now. years. Oh. Well, that... that's great. Yeah. No, really. - Well, a good marriage, it's a rare thing. - Yeah. Why did you get divorced? Well, my wife and I, we were both too opinionated. She's... very brilliant. Uh-huh. And attractive? Yes. - And very sexy. - Uh-huh. And when you're with her, do you... ...do you still have the urge to be with her? - No. - No? No? You never have the urge to... to grab her? Like, you know, if the two of you are in her office or something? Or, I don't know, you know, just... throw her down on the couch or something? For old times' sake? God, you are interesting."
"Alice" by Woody Allen (1990) - the circus scene (script extract).

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