setembro 16, 2015

"the first time I saw susie..."

 20,000 Days On Earth - 2014 (Nick Cave on the first time he saw his wife)
 ... or the most wonderful love at the first sight declaration:

The first time I saw Susie was at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. And when she came walking in, all the things that I have obsessed over for all the years, pictures of movie stars, Jenny Agutter in the billabong, Anita Ekberg in the fountain … Miss World competitions, Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Jones and Bo Derek … Bolshoi ballerinas and Russian gymnasts … the young girls at the Wangaratta pool lying on the hot concrete, all the stuff I had heard and seen and read … all the continuing never-ending drip-feed of erotic data … came together at that moment, in one great big crash bang, and I was lost to her. And that was that.

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