junho 11, 2014

female cloth and other tools

Robes, 2014 (video still)

The Basket, 2014 (video still)

Wet Rag, 2012

In Thai-Australian artist Kawita Vatanajyankur’s three videos The Basket, The Robes and Wet Rag, the artist is both symbolically and literally the material making the work—she is the rag that another woman uses to wash the floor, the wet clothing that is caught in a washing basket, and the fabric that hangs over a line, drying in the breeze (...) Vatanajyankur reframes the way craft and fabric-based production have historically been associated with women’s domesticity and considered a lesser form of creativity than the ‘fine arts’ of sculpture and painting.  ( Stills Gallery )

Soaked, 2012

Poured, 2013

"My series of video work and performance focuses on the female body and its relationship to different elements and everyday objects within various spaces and environments. The experimentations are developed to look at the action and reaction of the body, the transformation of the shape and form of the body that is pressured to merged within the objects and elements until it is changed into a sculpture when affected physically from the elements and objects. The work aims to examine the psychological, corporeal and cultural ways of viewing the human condition. The certain symbols contained in the video are used to reflect the idea of violence, endurance, communication as well as gender."
Kawita Vatanajyankur

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