outubro 09, 2011

life... underwater

"The epic transition that this delicate creature undergoes gives hope as it expends energy on a huge scale to make it happen. Imagine if you would, the whole of your life changing to such an extreme where you are unrecognizable at the end of the transformation offers great hope to me.
Exploring these themes through the introduction of water; acting as both nurturer and destroyer, it has the power to cleanse and reinvent, or to drown and disappear. Believing that drawing on water’s transient and destructive nature exposes the fragility of life, and the temporary nature of our existence.
This series for me acts as a reflection on life and mortality; it is fleeting, beautiful and ultimately tragic."

"In his most recent series, ‘Vanitas’, Alexander James re-visits the works of the 17th century Dutch Masters. Using period props, food and real insects, he captures carefully staged underwater scenes 'in-camera' without the use of post production, either traditional or digital. Working with subtle distortions of light & movement from the waters own wave energy to create a unique and painterly effect. The subjects appear as if to be floating in a black space that neither interferes nor disrupts the subject matter, the collaboration within this void offering a serene and dreamlike sensation."

Impressionante o trabalho deste fotografo inglês. Ver mais e melhor, aqui.

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