janeiro 06, 2011

overcoat et alli in lilliput

" LeDray has been described as “the best-kept secret of the contemporary art world, labouring away for years before completing a sculpture.” via

" LeDray, who was born in Seattle in 1960 and lives and works in New York... The majority of the clothes he makes and transforms into sculptures are small. Too small to wear, but not so small that they seem precious or cute.

And yes, LeDray makes them. All of them. By hand. Himself.

The time LeDray dedicates to the making of his pieces — in some cases as long as three or four years — is as much a conceptual tool as the medium itself. Painstakingly cut, carved, stitched, sewn, and thrown, his sculptures crystallize, through ironic devotion, a sense of pathos.

One stupendous early work (...) consists of 588 handmade objects, all of them small-scale representations of cast-off shirts, shoes, ties, and coats, along with similarly Lilliputian books, magazines, and works of art." excerpts via

- In exhibition now at the Whitney Museum.
- Like a Memory: Perspectives on Mens Suits - A short film by Sam Blair.

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Maria disse...

Guys wearing best dress like overcoat is so much fun also your look make more presentable and elegant.